About ScannerMaster


Q: About ScannerMaster


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a mobile scanner wherever you are! With ScannerMaster, you can safely and easily scan documents on your iOS device(s), save and share them in JPG, PDF and/or TXT format.

Our Top Features
• Automatic file edge detector for accurate and quick scans
• Scan multiple documents at one go
• Filters to enhance scanned documents
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract texts from images
• Optimised interface for users with colour vision deficiency
• File Manager to organise, rename and sort documents
• Mark, highlight and insert e-signatures into documents
• Save, export and share documents in JPG, PDF and TXT format
• Paid service with exclusive features – try with our 3-Day Free Trial

Q: Downloading VIDEOMASTER


ScannerMaster is a camera scanner app, available on iOS and iPadOS. You may find us on Apple App Store.