Data & Privacy


Q: Is ScannerMaster safe to use?


At Scanner Master, we make privacy and data security our priority. We comply strictly with PDPA, GDPR, CCPA Laws and App Store Regulation.Scanner Master only requires your permission and authorisation of your camera functions to scan documents on your phone. When you use Scanner Master, your documents are not stored in our app, and we do not have access to them. Your documents will be kept safe on your phone, and they cannot be accessed by third parties unless they are uploaded to the cloud.

Read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Q: Do you save or check my data on your server?


ScannerMaster takes utmost care in protecting your privacy. We do not save or check your data on our server(s). You do not need to register or login to use Scanner Master. Your documents are stored locally unless uploaded to the cloud, and they cannot be accessed by any third parties.

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