The Meditation app for Daily Mindfulness

MellowMe: For Meditation & Breathing Finding it hard to relax, or can’t sleep even when you’re very tired? MellowMe is designed to clear your mind, for you to drift off in peace.

• High quality and naturally recorded sounds meant for relaxation, meditation, stress relief, concentration and deep sleep
• Full-screen breath visualisation
• Simple gesture-based design, swipe between sounds
• Plays in the background, even when your iPhone is locked
• Bluetooth-enabled



There are many websites and apps that tell you they provide white noise and/or calming music and don’t work properly, but this one works just fine and seems to know a whole lot about what sort of sounds pleases your mind at different times and during certain actions. The sound of a train is my favourite white noise. This app would be everything if it had that!

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I have sleep problems where I only sleep on average 5 hours at night and wake up at least 3 times during that 5 hours. I don’t even remember how I found the “MellowMe” app but I thank God that I did! Listening to this as I’m falling asleep, then also while I sleep, is beyond wonderful!! Just make a choice on music and set it’s a timer, breathe in and out slowly, then you’ll start to relax, then... goodnight and sweet dreams.

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