Your own personalised Period Tracker

Love yourself – the philosophy behind our app! PinkBird helps you to track your period & ovulation, for you to take control of your health, get pregnant or try for birth control.

• Help predict menstruation, cycles, and ovulation
• Ovulation calculator and tracker
• Period calculator, fertility calculator, with accurate prediction
• Predict your period, menstruation, fertile days through machine learning, whether it is regular or irregular periods



I’ve had this app for 3 months now and it has been successfully predicting my cycles. I love how it does a countdown of days and tells you where you are in each month (period, ovulation, etc). I used to blindly go into each month not tracking or knowing when to expect my period or ovulation time frame.

Also, those around me would notice I've become moodier before my period before I know it myself, and that makes me feel miserable. With this app, I check the calendar often so I’m more self-aware. My family and friends love it because I’m able to anticipate and prepare for those mood swings and chocolate cravings.

The app even offers helpful tips like how to deal with water weight, acne and other self-care tips during different times of the month which is so helpful! Another plus is that I finally have an answer when I go to the doctor and they ask, ”when was the first day of your last period?”. Now I can pull out the data and give accurate information. ❤️ thank you so much for developing this app! It’s my favorite and has truly helped me in numerous ways 😍


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I was skeptical of this app in the beginning because I already had a period tracker that I liked, but I am very glad that I gave this app a try!

It is colourful and cute which is very relevant considering the circumstances, and it really utilises the information you supply it. I do have one complaint – it has a section to record your symptoms but every time you do, it gives recommendations on how to cure it. It was very helpful initially but I have been using this app for almost 2 months and I have practically memorised the cures! It is super annoying to be recording your symptoms and keep having a tab come up with ideas to settle it. I have an idea to "cure" 😂 this problem.

I was thinking there could be a separate section, much like you have with the "me" section, for symptoms and remedies. This could help with the people who feel the way I do, but will still supply the helpful information for others! Please take my idea into consideration because I really love this app and I think this would make it even better😊 Thank you!


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