Getting Started

Q: iOS System Requirement


SCANNER MASTER works on iOS and iPadOS. We recommend an Operating System of iOS 11.0 for best performance.

Q: App Authorisation


ScannerMaster requires two app authorisations to function properly: Access to photos and camera.
Photo Access authorisation allows you to import your images into the app for scanning.

Camera Authorisation allows you to access your camera for scanning new documents.

Both authorisations will only be used for the purpose of scanning documents on Scanner Master. You can review the permission and access anytime under Settings.

Q: Registration and/or Login


SCANNER MASTER does not require membership, login or registration to use. Your personal and private information will not be accessed to us.

Q: Quality and Resolution of Documents


We support up to 4K in quality resolution, depending on your phone type.

Q: How can I get the perfect scanned result?


For the best performance of Scanner Master, follow these steps:

• Find a flat tabletop, bed or any flat surface
• Ensure area has good lighting with no shadows on the document
• Make sure full document image is displayed on your phone before scanning

Don't worry if you are not able to fulfil these steps. Scanner Master uses smart and intuitive software that automatically adjusts and process your document, ensuring that scanned documents will be of optimal quality even if these conditions are not met.

 Manage and Edit Scans

Q: How can I extract texts from PDF/JPG files?


After you scanning your document, tap on ‘Text’ for Optical Character Recognition. Your document will be transcribed to text automatically and it can be exported in TXT format. Note that OCR is only available for paid subscription.

Q: How can I manage my documents?


To manage documents in your folder,
• Tap ‘+’ to add scanned documents in a folder
• Tap on name to change the name of the folder
• Tap and Hold to shift the documents and folders

 Save and Share

Q: Format of documents


SCANNER MASTER allows you to shave in JPG or PDF format before exporting, sending or sharing.
If you have used OCR text extraction feature, you can also save your documents as TXT format.

Q: How can I send my documents or save them in the Cloud?


To send documents or save them in the cloud,
• Select your document
• Tap ‘Send’ to choose the app you want to share or send toNote: If your document is encrypted with passcode, your recipient will need the Lock PIN to unlock and view the document.

Q: Can I share documents by Fax?


ScannerMaster does not have this feature at the moment. We hope to include this in future updates, so do stay tuned!

 How to Use

Q: How do I change the system language?


To change the language displayed in our app,

• Open settings on your iPhone/iPad
• Tap 'General' > Language & Region > iPhone Language
• Choose your preferred Language

Q: I found a bug in your app. How can I report it?


We encourage users to help us improve SCANNER MASTER, as we work on enhancing the user interface and experience with each update.

If you find any bugs in our UI or product features, please share your screen-recordings or screenshots to us at

Q: How can I open the Scanner Master app quicker?


You can use 3D-touch function on iOS devices to open your Scanner Master app quicker.

• Press down on Scanner Master app icon to activate 3D-touch so that you can import from photo or start scanning immediately.
• Open the app with Siri by commanding ‘scan PDF’
• Add your preferred keywords under Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut

Q: How can I transfer the data to a new iPhone?


Access is automatically transfer if you are using the same iCloud account. Otherwise, please make sure your documents are synced to your new device for the transfer.

 Subscription and Payment



SCANNER MASTER is a freemium service, supported by ads for the maintenance of the app. We have a paid subscription premium account where you get exclusive features, ad-free experience and unlimited scans. Subscription can be canceled anytime.

Q: How can I remove ads?


ScannerMaster is a freemium service, supported by ads for the maintenance of the app. You may upgrade to Scanner Master premium account for an ad-free experience.

Q: What is the difference between your Standard & Premium account?


SCANNER MASTER is free to use with basic features. For paid premium subscription, you can get unlimited access to all of our exclusive features. Here are some of the top paid features:
• Unlimited daily scans
• Zero ads
• Insert and save multiple e-signatures
• Extract texts with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Watermark-free scans in HD resolution
• Save documents in the cloud

Q: Do you have a free trial for Premium subscription?


ScannerMaster has a one-time 3-Day Free Trial for all users, tagged under one iCloud account. You may explore the paid features before committing to your paid subscription.

Q: Do you provide student discounts?


SCANNER MASTER does not have this promotion at the moment. We hope to include this in future updates, so do stay tuned!

Q: How many users can access the Premium account?


As Scanner Master does not require registration or member login, the Paid Premium Subscription is only tagged to the iCloud account upon purchase.
You can use ScannerMaster across different iOS devices as long as it is under the same iCloud account.

Q: App Store Family Sharing


ScannerMaster does not have this feature at the moment. We hope to include this in future updates, so do stay tuned!

Q: How much does it cost?


SCANNER MASTER Premium Subscription starts at USD9.95 per month. The price may vary due to our seasonal promotion and sales, so stay tuned to our social media and in-app notifications for the latest updates!

Q: I was charged but I did not renew your subscription.


SCANNER MASTER subscription plan automatically renews monthly or yearly depending on your subscription plan. You need to cancel 24 hours before each billing cycle.
To unsubscribe to SCANNER MASTER, go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions.

Q: I was charged for my subscription. How can I get a refund?


ScannerMaster is unable to do refund as the subscription fee is charged to your Apple ID account. To get a refund, please reach out directly to Apple Support Team.

According to Apple’s policies, you cannot cancel subscriptions after they have been renewed automatically. However, you can cancel during the trial period, while enjoying paid features until the end of the period. If you have signed up for free or with a discounted subscription promotion code and you do not want to renew it, please cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial ends. Read more about Apple’s policies here.

To unsubscribe to Scanner Master, go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions.