Adding Beauty to Life

We strive to make the world better, one application at a time.

We have 18 applications across 150 countries, with total download volume of 100 million and counting. It all starts with a simple philosophy.

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Fast becoming leaders in productivity, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has surpassed industry's standards, with products consistently improving to better the user experience.

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We value a feedback loop with our users. This means starting with unlimited free trial versions for them to interact with the app, giving us suggestions to improve further.

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The Journey Continues

We constantly create and improve our applications to raise productivity and efficiency of users, through extensive product research and consultative user focus groups.


AtlasV is a company with rapid development capabilities. It is not easy to develop and launch a popular productivity app within a few months.
They have experience and expertise in this area. I'm sure with sheer determination and knowledge, they will excel in this space.

Dada Consultant
Yijia Yuan

AtlasV has a suite of productivity apps perfect for everyday uses.
They are simple and user-friendly, with standards surpassing its competitors! We have been recommending the apps to our families and friends.

Haohaoguo Consultant
Marketing Director
Lucas Ng

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